Repeeled Salt Nic


Repeeled Salt Nic

Repeeled Salt Nic

Raspberry tangerine cranberry – A juicy mix of tangy raspberry, sweet tangerine and tart cranberries for a perfectly balanced fruity vape.

Mango Orange Pineapple – This flavour is a citrussy delight; fresh mango, sweet pineapple and juicy orange zest. What’s not to love?

Lime Cherry –  A delicious blend of citrussy lime and fresh cherries. A simple but tasty all-day vape.

Lemon Apricot – This flavour is a fruity blend of citrusy lemon and sweet apricot for a perfectly balanced vape.

Grapefruit Raspberry –  A tangy grapefruit-based flavour with sweet raspberry.#

Re Peeled 100ml

Grapefruit Raspberry, Lemon Apricot, Lime Cherry, Mango Pineapple Orange, Tangerine Cranberry

Salt Strength

10mg, 20mg, 5mg



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