Limited Edition 100ml


Nic Shot 18mg (promo)

Limited Edition 100ml

Limited Edition 100ml – Limited edition by jack rabbit brings together a collaboration of premium eliquids.

Jack Rabbit Cherry Bakewell – a delicious almond filling, in a buttery pastry base , coupled with a layer of tangy raspberry jam, with sweet icing and a glacier cherry.

Dr Frost Green Energy – This zesty sweet green energy flavour replicates one of the most popular flavours.

Super good Blue Lagoon – A tangy blue raspberry,  sweet cherries, finished with a lime twist.

Froot Pineapple Grapefruit – A sweet citrus blend of, candied pineapple and tangy grapefruit.

Juice N Power Fuji, Blueberry & Mango – A fruit medley of crisp, juicy fuji, sweet blueberries and mouth-watering mango.

Limited edition 100ml

Dr Frost – Green Energy, Froot – Pineapple Grapefruit, Jack rabbit – Cherry Bakewell, Juice N Power – Fuji Blueberry Mango, Super Good – Blue Lagoon



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